The ItaliMalangatana - Confirmação de Registo‏an - The last work of Mater Malangatana


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"The Italian" is the embodiment of a dream set in motion by Malangatana. A masterpiece. A brand new Fiat 500 was the canvas that inspired the artist, and it is now presented in auction to the World. The proceeds of its sale will be donated to the Malangatana Valente Ngwenya Foundation, to preserve the artist’s portfolio, and to promote human wellbeing through art and culture.

To celebrate the official launching of FIAT in Mozambique on the 5th of April in Maputo, by Tecnica Industrial, a company part of JFS Group, a very special and unique FIAT 500 was created - a car designed and painted by the award-winning Mozambican artist, Malangatana Valente Ngwenya, which he named “The Italian Woman”.

The idea was conceived in the end of 2010 when the long-time friends Malangatana and the Ferreira Dos Santos family together decided to develop a project of artistic and cultural value that would serve as a major beneficial social cause. A brand new FIAT 500 was going to be painted, auctioned and its result would be donated to the Malangatana Valente Ngwenya foundation.

Very sadly “The Italian Woman” became Malanganata’s final masterpiece, as the artist passed away on the 5th of January 2011.

A brand-new FIAT 500 (1.4 Pop white color) served as the inspirational canvas for the artist's imagination. Day after day, on his way to Tecnica Industrial FIAT’s dealership, where Malangatana worked under cover, he would announce that he had a meeting with his "Italian Woman". He took weeks to “kiss her”, but when he finally did, he created her in just 12 days of work. A masterpiece, with huge technical challenges.

The result is a striking fusion of Italian design and evocative African symbolism. The flanks of the 500 are adorned with mesmerising native and nature-inspired imagery; a unique touch embellishing the rear and the dashboard is Malangatana's characteristically flamboyant signature embossed in aluminum. Malangatana committed himself to his challenge with amazing passion and harmony, as if he knew that this was going to be his final work. The mobile masterpiece was unveiled at the dealership's inauguration by relatives of Malangatana and the Ferreira Dos Santos family, the latter of course being the owners of the FIAT dealership and the patrons of this shared initiative, that donated the vehicle and also all the art materials.


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